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All the chords transcribed here are for personal use only. Unauthorized selling or commercial activity is prohibited. I've found these chords just by using my ears so some changes may be incomplete or wrong. Feel free to E-Mail me for any commentaries.

On this page you will find some great transcriptions of my friends Eric Goosenberg and Robert Parrs. The transcriptions concerned are marked with the red letters   (E.G.)   or   (R.P.) and are corrected in comparison with ones at Claes's website.

As an extra bonus, here are two precious Word documents which contain all the stuff of Eric and others net transcriptors. Thanks again my friend...

PMG Transcriptions 1

PMG Transcriptions 2

This part of the site is regularly updated. The complete listing is also available on Franck Wilmart site : NEW CHAUTAUQUA

Happy playing ! Enjoy...

Bright Size Life

Bright Size Life


Unity Village

Unquity Road



American Garage

Airstream (1)   (E.G.)

Airstream (2)   (E.G.)

Airstream (3)   (E.G.)

The Search

As falls Wichita, So Falls Wichita Falls

September 15th (Intro)   (E.G.)

It's for you (1)   (E.G.)

It's for you (2)   (E.G.)


Are You Going With Me ?



Phase Dance

Farmer's Trust

Song for Bilbao   (E.G.)

Goodbye   (R.P.)

First Circle

First Circle

If I Could

Mas Alla   (R.P.)

Still Life (talking)

Last Train Home

(It's Just) Talk

In her family

Letter From Home

Have you heard

Better Days Ahead

Better Days Ahead   (E.G.)

Letter From Home


Reunion   (E.G.)

The Chief   (E.G.)

Question And Answer

Question And Answer   (E.G.)

I can See Your House From Here

Say the brother's name

Secret Story

The Longest Summer  (piano part)

Rain River

Always and Forever


See the world

Tell her you saw me

The Road To You

The Road To You

Naked Moon

We Live Here

To The End Of The World

Something To Remind You

Beyond The Missouri Sky

Message to a friend

Two for the road   (E.G.)

The moon song (1)   (E.G.)

The moon song (2)   (E.G.)

The moon song

Imaginary Day

Ces transcriptions ne sont pas de moi. Ce sont des images de partitions qui m'ont été envoyées par fan internaute. Elles constituent un bon départ même si les thèmes ne sont pas tous complets.

Imaginary Day

Follow Me (1)

Follow Me (2)

A story Within a Story (1)

A story Within a Story (2)

The Heat of The Day (1)

The Heat of The Day (2)

Across the Sky

The roots of Coincidence (1)

The roots of Coincidence (2)

Too Soon Tomorrow

The Awakening

Like Minds

Elucidation   (E.G.)

For a thousand years

A Map of the World

Homecoming (1)   (E.G.)

Homecoming (2)   (E.G.)

Homecoming (3)   (E.G.)